Honora Foah

Mr and Mrs Hades

March 17, Saturday Lecture 7:30 pm
members: free; non-members $20; students $10

What are the gods?
Who are the gods?

We speak of the gods and mythology as something tame in little story boxes that we learned in school. Oh the Greek myths and then the Norse and isn’t that quaint how the stories are similar in Africa and China.
What are we actually talking about?
Who are the gods? What are the gods? Where are they?

Honora Foah, a multidisciplinary artist and president of Mythic Imagination Institute, will take us through the core story from her third Frequency Opera, Mr and Mrs Hades, looking at the gods through science and myth. What is out there, is in here. The voices of the psyche are the voices of the ecosystem are the voices of the heavens are the voices of the microcosm.

Told in the voices of two of the gods, Mr and Mrs Hades is a story whose content was the center of the ancient Greek Eleusian mysteries and who reappear everywhere from the Matrix movies to the crocuses on the lawn.

She will tell the story, talk about the nature of the Frequency Operas and the relationship between soul stories and natural forces, as well as show images from the surround environment of the third Frequency Opera in the 7 part cycle, Recombinant DNA.

The operas themselves are held in the round in unique acoustical environments. Each one begins with a retelling of a myth from a soul and earth point of view, which is then witnessed through a scientific point of view. The core story and its psychic truth are the heart of our ability to empathize and come into sympathetic resonance with the great and small forces of the world. This Jung Society evening is focused on the story itself.

Honora FoahHonora Foah is a multimedia artist. She is currently developing a cycle of 7 Frequency Operas entitled RECOMBINANT DNA, which explore different frequency spectra through two lenses—science and myth. A pioneer of multidisciplinary art, Ms. Foah’s New York based dance theatre company incorporated movement/dance, voice, music, food, art installation, and media projection. Ms Foah became Creative Director of Visioneering International in 1989. In this capacity, she served as chief designer and producer of two World’s Fair pavilions for the United Nations. In 2003, Ms Foah began work on Mythic Journeys, a performance festival and conference held in 2004 and 2006. Bringing together more than 150 presenters, speakers, artists, and performers, Mythic Journeys used the great archetypal stories, sacred traditions and folk tales as a ground from which new art in consonance with interdisciplinary conversation can create a context for contemporary events. In 2013, the film Banaz, A Love Story, for which Ms Foah was a writer and story developer, won a Peabody and an Emmy for best documentary.


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