Lissa Friedman

Enneagram and Jung

August 24 Saturday Lecture 7:30 pm
members: free; non-members: $20; students: $10

The 9 Enneagram Types can be understood as archetypes. In their most fixated or dysfunctional state they are darker archetypes, in their essential nature they are closer to more divine archetypes.

Her approach to teaching the Enneagram is to demonstrate the physical, emotional, and behavioral expression of each type. She will embody each type and perform how they appear.

The work of the Enneagram in itself is shadow work. From finding what our dominant type is, to accepting every aspect of the pattern, to releasing the fixated aspects of the pattern. Most people find it hard to identify what their type is, because it is in shadow. Once it is accepted there are aspects we can’t relate to because these aspects are just in shadow. Releasing the fixated aspects of the pattern allows the essence to shine through. This too is in shadow, most people have a difficult time acknowledging that their essential nature is so infinitely beautiful.

  • talk about the connection between Jung and the Enneagram
  • describe the energetics of the 9 Types
  • demonstrate the energetic expression of each of the 9 types

Lissa FriedmanLissa Friedman has been in private practice as a Psyhotherapist for over 30 years. She began studying the Enneagram about 25 years ago, she's accredited with the International Enneagram Association, and her year long cohort training is also accredited with the IEA. She has published several articles on the Enneagram in the publication Enneagram Monthly. She has developed a unique approach to teaching and understanding the Enneagram, this approach has been named The Embodiment Tradition. Many years ago She realized that each Type has its own energetic pattern, and that she could embody each of these, demonstrating the different expressions. This approach helps people discover their type faster. She has worked with people in groups, individually, in families, and business organizations. The Enneagram can speed up the process of individual Psychotherapy; it can foster compassion and understanding within the family or couple. It can provide a sense of cohesion and unity amongst business partners and employees.

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