Harmen Mesker

Symbols of the I Ching:
Their Origin and Today's Application

March 16, Saturday Lecture 7:30 pm
members: free; non-members: $20; students: $10

The technique and wisdom of the I Ching is something so subtle that it needs the refined culture of an age-old Eastern education to understand it truly.
- C.G. Jung, Letters; Volume 1, P. 200-201

The I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes, was one of Jung's favourite tools to tap into the depths of the unconscious mind. At the same time he felt the book was almost incomprehensible for the Western world, with its enigmatic language full of symbols that sound alien to the uninitiated reader. In this lecture I will discuss the oldest foundation of the I Ching and the archetypal symbols that we find in it. Even though these symbols are more than 2500 years old they carry meanings that can be significant in today's society. I will demonstrate that the application of these symbols does not have to be difficult and that they can open up new pathways to explore the realm of the human psyche.

Harmen MeskerHarmen Mesker started his study of the Yijing in 1982. His main interests are the history and language of the Yi, as well as the oldest usage of the book in early China. He has published several books on the Yijing (in Dutch) and is the chief editor of the renewed Dutch edition of Richard Wilhelm’s Yijing translation. Harmen is frequently consulted to assist with the translation of old Chinese texts and had an advisory role in several Dutch translations of Daoist inner alchemy texts.

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March 16
Harmen Mesker
Symbols of the I Ching: Their Origin and Today's Application
Saturday 7:30 p.m.-10:00
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