David Solem

Weaving and Unravelling our Shrouds:
Encountering Exile as a Complex in Psyche

February 16, Friday Lecture 7:30 pm
members: $20; non-members $25; students $10

“The opposite of Home is not distance but forgetfulness” —Elie Wiesel

Exile is an archetypal energy very much constellated in our current time. We see it activated and played out in our local community, and on the national and international stage. We are even enacting it with Nature herself. Exile can bring dissociation and withdrawal, or it may enflame rage and an aggressive enacting of violence. However it manifests, it results in a loss of Home, sometimes literally but always imaginatively. In our time, awareness of this archetypal happening brings the potential of creative action that can transform our communities and institutions yet in order for this to happen we need both an authentic individuality and some felt connection to Self.

Clinically, we may understand the exile experience as connected to anxiety and depression, archetypal happenings in the psyche that impose distance, the inability to connect, and a sense of being walled off or sealed in a tomb.

We will look at the archetypal energies of Exile both as a result of trauma and also as an autonomous happening in the psyche that can be either the beginning of the individuation journey, or, it may lead to ways of adaptation that make wholeness impossible.

We will explore the nuances of exile as it is articulated in the images of Homer’s Odyssey, in the myths of Orpheus and Eurydice, in John Adam’s opera Doctor Atomic, to be produced at Santa Fe Opera in 2018, and in the mystical poetry of George Herbert. We will attempt to connect these stories to a mythic structure of exile that invites a journey toward wholeness, perhaps best understood as an archetypal sense of Home.

Self-Exile and the Soul:
Exploring our Personal Exile Story

February 17, Saturday Workshop 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
members: $60; non-members $70; students $50
CEUs $25

“Love bade me welcome, yet my soul drew back” —George Herbert

Awareness of and the ability to name the nuances of our personal exile story is the beginning of movement toward wholeness. We will spend the day exploring the colors and moods of exile energy as it manifests in our personal lives and as it shows up in the consulting room, not only in clients, but also in the field created in the analytic dyad.

Excerpts from poetry, literature, opera and film will be utilized to open up dialogues among the participants. We will view the 1956 sci-fi masterpiece “Forbidden Planet” and contrast it with sections of John Adam’s Doctor Atomic, exploring the images and narratives in relationship to the exile complex and its drive toward wholeness.

Suggested Reading and Viewing List:
Adams, John (2005). Doctor Atomic (0pera) – available on DVD (2008)
“Forbidden Planet” (1956) – classic sci-fi, available on DVD and streaming online
Herbert, George. The Complete Poetry. New York: Penguin Classics.
Homer. The Odyssey (translation by Stephen Mitchell is recommended)

David SolemDavid Solem MSW, MAPC, MA, LCSW is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Santa Fe, NM. He is a training analyst for the C.G. Jung Institute of Santa Fe and for the Memphis-Atlanta Jungian seminar, both of which are training seminars for the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. David’s paper “Genders as Theater: The Dionysian Dismemberment of the Culturally Normative Narrative in Service to the Self” is published in Psychological Perspectives, Volume 60, Number 3 (2017). David is also a classical musician with a Master’s degree from Peabody Conservatory of Music. He plays organ, harpsichord, and piano for Santa Fe Pro Musica and is assistant organist for First Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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