Jerry Wright, D.Min.

Reimagining God and Religion: A Jungian Perspective

July 21, Saturday Lecture 7:30 pm
members: free; non-members: $20; students: $10

With the demise and death of antique cosmologies and the monotheistic god-image and myth, the modern psychological and spiritual task involves two simultaneous sacred endeavors: to eulogize, bury, and grieve monotheism and the religions dependent on external, metaphysical deities and devils; and, to bring depth psychological meanings to God and religion that can speak to the modern/postmodern mind and ancient soul. Drawing on Jungian psychology, various mystical traditions, and the discoveries of the physical sciences, Dr. Wright will address the urgencies of these twin endeavors and propose a religious future with the character of a “grounded mysticism.”

Jerry WrightJerry R. Wright, D.Min., is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Flat Rock, North Carolina, and a training analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. An experienced conference and retreat leader, he has led pilgrimages to sacred sites in Iona, Scotland, Ireland, Peru, and India. Reimagining God and Religion continues his primary interest in bringing the insights of Jungian or analytical psychology to experiences deemed religious or spiritual. This interest inspired Dr. Wright’s doctoral dissertation, Symbols for the Christ in the Gospel of John and the Archetypal Self in the Psychology of C.G. Jung, and his Jungian thesis, Archetypal Thin Places: Experiencing The Numinosum. His new book is Reimagining God and Religion: Essays for the Psychologically Minded.

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July 21
Jerry Wright, DMin
Reimaging God and Religion from a Jungian Perspective
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James Hollis, PhD
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